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11:31pm 13/08/2005
  So Eric is gone but so am I. I decided this immediately after the e-mail from Nate. Not that I dislike any of you, but I'm sick of planning things that don't happen. I'll be hiking alone from now on. Enjoy yourselves from this point on - I truly hope so. See you on the flip side.  
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Animosity already? 
01:07am 27/06/2005
mood: unhappy
I'm already sensing the division between the two factions of the crew. One thing that made me really angry was the recent e-mail from Cassie about what needs to be done about going to the tetons. I'm referring to the whole "there will be no room in the car for the base camp groupers that can't go early" thing. We extended an invitation to the backpackers for anyone, NOT just in the base camp group, to go up early with us. If there isn't room, we can take another car! Since this is still a crew activity right? Apparently that same invitation isn't available for people who still want to go but only have the time to ride up with the people arriving on the official arrival time.

Even though there are now two categories for us, we all still belong to the same crew, and I would hope that EVERYONE would help each other get to the park. I am livid to be told "we won't accomodate everyone" just because we are in a different group. What if we were all going up at the same time? It wouldn't be any different then, I suppose.

I have no solution for this, just unhappy about it.
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09:17am 06/04/2005
mood: bored
This community seems pretty... dead.
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Na na na na na na na! 
04:44pm 15/12/2004
mood: bouncy
I just thought of the best white elephant gift ever!

Na na na na na na na!

And I'm not telling what it is!
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Wonky LJ 
02:10pm 13/12/2004
mood: jubilant
So LJ is really messed up right now but I have important news!

(So hopefully this will get put through)

I just checked out the crew website, and not only is it still there, but we still own the URL! Yay! I don't know how much longer it's been paid for, but I'm supposed to be put into contact with the former website person shortly. It looks good but I think that we should have more pictures + descriptions of things we've done.

Let me know what you think should be added to/subtracted from the existing website and as soon as I get the information to change it I'll get on top of it.

This is exciting :D

Nate, I'm going to need those billions of pictures you take whenever we're out with the crew :D
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We need to use this more often 
12:23am 08/12/2004
mood: groggy
So yeah. Hike on Sunday, woo woo! I'm going to skip my calculus lab to come to the meeting again, woo woo! And maybe I can even find the green shirt to wear, woo woo!

Snowshoeing to Phlox, woo woo!

And nothing else planned thus far :\

Next term I don't have school on Fridays so some of the other college people should arrange their schedules so that we can do Friday stuff. Because otherwise it's boring having Fridays off while everyone else is still busy :\
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06:36pm 16/09/2004
mood: accomplished
I made the rough-draft roster thingies. But our printer is about out of ink (which you need to read the maps), so could I hire someone else to print it when it's all perfect?
100% Off Topic! 
10:31pm 15/08/2004
  Okay. Some of you may know what the heck Naruto is. If it sounds familiar, here's a picture hint:


Now then. There is an RPG goin' on for those of you interested. We need more players! Here are the fun-fun links:


If you're remotely interested, check it out.

(Okay, no more shameless ads for me. I promise.)
11:43pm 17/07/2004
mood: lethargic
I am home until Wednesday, and most of my friends are lazy bums who want to sit and watch TV because they've been "working" all day. Fie on their "jobs" and "money-making", I am bored and want to do something with my life. The weather channel tells me that it will be scattered t-stormy tomorrow, rainy on Monday, cloudy on Tuesday, and hot on Wednesday. Anyone just bored at home and wanting to go hike or something? I want to spend some time OUTSIDE before I go back to the Eastern Washington desert.
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11:54am 15/07/2004
mood: sore
I finally figured out how to post on this thing! Yay! Thanks, Ter. :)

Anyway, this is Christy, for those of you who don't know that already. I, too, have a LiveJournal. I like this spiffy little community thing...even if I do not fully understand it quite yet. I will learn, though.

People who went on the Gorge Hike: Man, am I sore today! I think we ought to do more hikes before Canada so we can get ready - I feel super out of shape because I can barely walk today. :( I also can not go to the meeting today: dance practice is running late tonight because of a fundraising meeting, so I will not get out until 8:30ish. The venture meeting would be over before I even got there. Adam should be coming, though. (He has a LiveJournal, too, but he's hiding. :P I will make him join soon.)

Well, have a nice day, everyone! Enjoy your summer, and I will see you...eventually. Next Thursday, actually, if my mother does not forget about me again. :P
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11:58am 20/06/2004
mood: thirsty
We ought to get the rest of the crew on this and use it more often. I think I'll send out a mass email. If that's okay with you guys.
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02:05pm 28/05/2004
mood: creative
The crew T-shirts should be done on June 14th.
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06:41am 25/05/2004
mood: awake
Hello, this will be a place for us to post our ideas on how to make the crew run better, to talk about outings we have gone on and ones we want to do.
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