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Animosity already?

I'm already sensing the division between the two factions of the crew. One thing that made me really angry was the recent e-mail from Cassie about what needs to be done about going to the tetons. I'm referring to the whole "there will be no room in the car for the base camp groupers that can't go early" thing. We extended an invitation to the backpackers for anyone, NOT just in the base camp group, to go up early with us. If there isn't room, we can take another car! Since this is still a crew activity right? Apparently that same invitation isn't available for people who still want to go but only have the time to ride up with the people arriving on the official arrival time.

Even though there are now two categories for us, we all still belong to the same crew, and I would hope that EVERYONE would help each other get to the park. I am livid to be told "we won't accomodate everyone" just because we are in a different group. What if we were all going up at the same time? It wouldn't be any different then, I suppose.

I have no solution for this, just unhappy about it.
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