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I finally figured out how to post on this thing! Yay! Thanks, Ter. :)

Anyway, this is Christy, for those of you who don't know that already. I, too, have a LiveJournal. I like this spiffy little community thing...even if I do not fully understand it quite yet. I will learn, though.

People who went on the Gorge Hike: Man, am I sore today! I think we ought to do more hikes before Canada so we can get ready - I feel super out of shape because I can barely walk today. :( I also can not go to the meeting today: dance practice is running late tonight because of a fundraising meeting, so I will not get out until 8:30ish. The venture meeting would be over before I even got there. Adam should be coming, though. (He has a LiveJournal, too, but he's hiding. :P I will make him join soon.)

Well, have a nice day, everyone! Enjoy your summer, and I will see you...eventually. Next Thursday, actually, if my mother does not forget about me again. :P
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I, too, am sore. I'm limping around... v_v' Glad you joined the community (sucks that you can't make the meeting, but it just involves food, so I have a feeling you won't miss much). I'll send out another email to crew peoples making them join, because half of us are here and they might as well... Hey! I might even get better results than the last time! ^_^